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January 26, 2024


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January 15, 2024


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January 10, 2024



January 4, 2024


Lower back pain stretches (Anterior Pelvic Tilt)

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December 27, 2023


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6x Life-Changing Healthy Habits in 2024 | How to Build Motivation, Consistency & a Positive mindset!

Life-Changing Healthy Habits in 2024 | How to Build Motivation, Consistency & A Positive Mindset!

Hello Loves,

I cannot believe that it is almost 2024.. This past year has absolutely flown by so fast that I am not sure how it even happened. Anyone else feel like we should still be in September?! I have recently been so inspired by writing out my new year’s intentions and really thinking about who I want to be in 2024. It’s so amazing to think that we can change our mindset, our habits, our life, at any point in time. We don’t necessarily have to wait for a “new year” to start implementing these healthy habits, because I know sometimes this tends to be the case for a lot of people including myself. I wanted to share with you all the 7 healthy habits I will be focusing on bringing in and implementing within my own life in 2024! I hope some of you can take some inspiration from these habits along with you into the new year as well.

Habit #1: Create an ideal morning routine

Habit #2: Get morning sunlight in right after wakening

IHabit #3: Prioritize high-quality SLEEP!

Habit #4: Build a consistent fitness routine

Habit #5: Wholesome and nutrient dense diet

Habit #6: Practice gratitude (daily)

Habit #7: Cold showers

If you are newer to pilates and/or want participate in a new year’s challenge, where you will be joining me along with so many other motivated individuals, we are starting a ‘Beginner’s Pilates Challenge’ on January 1st on Soul Sync Body! This will give you all of the tools and motivation you need to kickstart your wellness and fitness journey to begin the new year with healthy intentions and consistency.

You can sign up here for your membership and start your 7 day free trial! :

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