The TRUTH about Milk, Dairy and Cheese

The effect of milk, diary and cheese on diabetes, cancer, hormones, estrogen, weight gain, constipation, fibromyalgia, cervical, uterine and breast cysts and tumors, prostate and colon cancer is addressed in countless studies, but most people don’t want to make the connection or simply are not aware of the consequences, because milk, cheese, butter and dairy has been around for centuries so surely it must be ok. As long as it’s pasture raised grass fed and you are not lactose intolerant right? Milk, dairy, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, butter and all dairy products are a lot more than just lactose.
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Pasture raised, grass fed or not, it doesn’t matter, cows naturally contain hormones that make them grow to be 2000 lb animals and stay that way until they die. What happens when you put these powerful hormones in a human body? It makes things grow like crazy, like the prostate, and cancer in mean and breast, uterus and ovarian cancers in women. Again, the whole purpose of cow milk is to make a baby calf grow quickly into a 2000 lb animal and once its full grown, it stops drinking its own milk because it you give powerful growth hormones to something that is already full grown, what do you think will happen? It’ll makes SOMETHING grow, and if you’re already full grown, whatever grows inside is probably not what you want to grow. And yet human adults consume dairy like crazy and wonder why they have cancer. But cow milk is more than just hormones. Most babies are not born diabetic. Study after study has linked type 1 diabetes to cow milk and dairy. Yogurt is still fat, sugar and cow hormones. In order for a cow to make milk, it needs to be pregnant, so they pump dairy cows full of estrogen around the clock so they can keep making milk, and what does estrogen do? It’s the fat storage hormone so it makes you fat and feeds cancer. But wait there’s more goodies in cow milk! There’s bovine somatotropin (BST), a growth hormone that helps regulate milk production and growth in cattle. But that wasn’t good enough. Then farmers started using a synthetic version of BST, called recombinant BST (rBST). Oh but wait there’s more! Milk also contains insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), a hormone peptide that’s the main growth factor in milk, so of course consuming milk and dairy increases IGF-1 significantly in humans and what does IGF -1 do? It’s a growth hormone that can promote cancer in several ways. It’ss required for cells to enter and progress through the cell cycle. It contributes to tumor growth because it induces vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). IGF-1R activation makes integrins relocate to the leading edge of migrating cells. This is called metastasis. In other words, it helps cancer spread to other parts of the body. And to cap it all off, IGF signaling increases resistance to treatment. A Study of almost half a million people, confirms that higher blood levels of IGF-1 are a risk factor for several types of cancer and yes that does include yogurt and cottage cheese!
And yes it makes cancer grow in men too like prostate and colon cancer. And once dairy is inside you, it’s hard to get rid of because it has casein, which is like swallowing glue, so if you want serious constipation, there you go.
Even if you drank HUMAN milk and made cheese out of that- it’s STILL fat and sugar. Why do you think nature designed humans to stop getting breast milk after 5 or 6 years? Because we’re not supposed to have it! Stop trying to cheat nature. You can’t win!

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